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Building I, Unit 1A

Broomall, PA 19008

Beth Geiss, licensed massage therapist 

Advanced Myofascial Release Therapist


  • ​"Beth is a caring, sensitive and expert massage therapist trained in releasing myofascial restrictions and trigger points. She is able to narrow down exactly what parts of my body need healing and she knows what to do to heal them. I always feel better after a session in her capable hands". -Lena

  • "Myofascial release has turned my life around. Physical therapy did nothing to alleviate my back spasms and constant back pain. After I found Beth online she was able to stop my back spasms. I am moving more freely than I have in years. I have been able to resume my normal activities. If you suffer from any back discomfort, I strongly recommend making an appointment with Beth. She is a qualified therapist who cares about her clients' health". -Peggy

  • ​"My family and I are clients of Myofascial Focus. Over the past 2 years, Beth has helped us improve range of motion and minimize pain with shoulder, leg and hand issues.  Beth has been helpful with establishing home programs for each of us so that our time with her can be focused on work that needs to be done with a highly trained massage therapist.  In addition to myofascial release techniques,  Beth has used craniosacral therapy and Reiki when appropriate.  We will continue to use Beth and encourage you to use her also". -Eileen

  • "Beth has been very helpful in easing my plantar fasciitis pain. I no longer get cramps in my calves or wake up feeling so stiff I can't move. My feet feel so much better and I'm back to walking the dog and taking hikes in the woods. I can't thank Beth enough for helping me move pain free again!" -Jackie

  • ​"Beth is very focused when working w/ her clients. She has a warm touch that is very calming yet effective. She knows which areas of your body need "work" and she provides effective myofascial release techniques to help w/ your problem areas".

​            -Cindy

  • "Beth has really helped my headaches and my overall stress level. I used to get such terrible tension headaches and feel so stiff and bound up. Beth has helped me relax by encouraging me to feel my body's tension and let it go. I always feel so much lighter and my spirit is renewed after each session. It's the best part of my week by far". -Leah