myofascial release self treatment

How you can help yourself 

It is important to work on yourself at home between myofascial release sessions. Doing this will enhance the therapy you received from your therapist and keep you on the right path to healing. Using specific therapy tools will help soften the fascia, break up restrictions, decrease pain and improve range of motion. You will also keep in touch with how your body is feeling and changing and be an active participant in your treatment.

Below are some of my most recommended items that I and other myofascial release therapists use frequently. I have provided links to buy them directly from Amazon but I also carry many of them in my studio for sampling and purchase. I have also included a great “how-to” guide that was written by a PT that worked at John Barnes’ Myofascial Release Treatment Center. (
I offer this book in my studio at the same price and you can save on shipping). 

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